Recipe Management

Recipe Manager supports the Product Development cycle, and streamlines the introduction of new products to manufacturing. Recipe Manager can generate Batch Documents to be manually filled in during batch execution, or pass the recipe to the full Mar-Kov’s Manufacturing Execution Process for electronic batch execution.

We have broken off the Recipe Manager Pro as a separate tool that you can try for free. It is available for download immediately. Click here to download it now.

QuickBooks Integration


  • Secure audit trail of all recipe development.

  • Define and enforce corporate standards for product and process specifications.

  • Speeds up and enhances the consistency of recipe creation by using a library of predefined equipment and process definitions (an unlimited number of user-created definitions may be added) .

  • Verifies that different parts of a recipe are consistent with each other. For example it makes sure that all ingredients defined in the formula are used in the process.

  • Ensures that all sign offs are present before a recipe can be released into production.

  • Ingredients, specifications and recipes may be shared amongst all users or specific groups.

  • Implemented using S88 concepts and nomenclature.

  • Designed specifically for batch manufacturing industries.

  • Eliminates errors commonly found in manually generated recipes.

  • Automatically generates Process Specifications and Batch Records.

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