Equipment Maintenance

Mar-Kov's Equipment Maintenance scheduling and logging tool allows you to meet GMP and HACCP best practices by enforcing your equipment maintenance schedule in the production area. You can schedule and enforce equipment maintenance manufacturing area and prevents unauthorized use of equipment.

Mar-Kov’s Equipment Maintenance tool links with the rest of the Mar-Kov software. You can generate equipment maintenance records and append equipment to batch records for easy retrieval during audits and batch recalls. This provides a simple, reliable, and cost effective mechanism for meeting the requirements of GMP and HACCP as they pertain to equipment maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance


  • Track equipment and other resources in the facility.

  • Create maintenance schedules on a time or per-use basis.

  • Remind users that maintenance is required with automatic email notifications.

  • Enforce calibration and maintenance schedules in manufacturing.

  • Track use of equipment with barcode.

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