Dispensing Control through Scale Integration

Weighing and dispensing is one of the critical steps for regulated industries. Companies are striving to eliminate the potential for error from the manufacturing process. Mar-Kov’s Dispensing Tool helps ensure regulatory compliance while reducing risk within weighing and dispensing industries.

Operators are guided through the dispensing process. Barcode identification helps ensure the use of correct materials and equipment. The system can automatically adjust the required weights of active ingredients based on the purity test results of the raw good. Material, equipment, and other activities are linked into a single record of production as an electronic batch record)

Mar-Kov can provide a complete validation-ready solution that helps reduce compliance costs while increasing productivity. You can integrate the tool with your company’s existing ERP or with the rest of the Mar-Kov solution.


  • Real time consumption and creation of inventory.

  • Computer assisted weighing, blending, and packing out of manufacturing orders.

  • Provides accurate real time inventory visibility and quality control status to operators.

  • Pre-weigh and co-mingle operations are performed using scales that are directly accessible to the software, enhancing speed and reliability.

  • Each step of the batching operation is policed by the software in order to ensure that all steps are performed as defined in the process specification.

  • MSDS and HMIS information is displayed as required throughout.

  • The software ensures that all equipment has been cleaned and sanitized before allowing it to be used.

  • Provides an electronic batch sheet that may be customized by the user.

  • Paperless system with data collected at the source eliminates time and errors associated with manual data recording and entry.

  • Increase manufacturing efficiencies by 10%-30%.

  • Complete lot traceability with container level tracking of source materials.

  • Material consumption information is sent back to the host ERP in seconds.

  • Ability to interface to any host system: Oracle, SAP, Batchmaster, MFG/PRO Data3, etc.

  • Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

  • Designed to work in a thin client environment, which lets the application run on portable Pocket PCs or Pen tablets.

  • Barcoding is used throughout to ensure accuracy.

  • Maintains an inventory of misblends and automatically recommends their use when possible.

  • Integrated in process testing ensures that adjustments are correctly completed, and retains details for review and analysis.

  • Automatically corrects quantities required based on the purity as required, and determines the amount of filler required.

  • Weight tolerances can be set at the ingredient level.

  • Gang weighing is supported for increased efficiency.

  • Filters ingredients by workstation based on security, size of pour, and other criteria.

  • Signatures for operator and checker can be individually configured for each operation.

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