Custard Stand make recalls easy with Vittles Software

Custard Stand make recalls easy with Vittles Software

Custard stand makes delicious chili for distributors, retailers, and online customers. Appearing on the TV show Shark Tank dramatically increased interest in the product and sales. Custard Stand’s rapid growth strained the limits of Custard Stand’s Excel/paper system for tracking inventory and production. Large retailers, like Walmart, Kroger, and Sam’s Club continued to drive increasing product demand.

How did they solve this problem?

Traceability and Recalls Should be Easy

Keeping lot and traceability records, and maintaining the ability to perform recalls is really hard on paper – it’s time to consider a system designed for this purpose that will make the task simple and easy.

You know that in today’s regulatory environment, you need to be able to perform recalls quickly and accurately. If you have tried keeping lot and traceability records on a paper and by using an excel system you probably think it’s difficult and time consuming.

Does the following sound like a scary but familiar process?